Bon Voyage! Gilmore Family!

The Gilmore’s are dedicated missionaries to Pignon, Haiti.  The Gilmore’s have been selling upcycled beads on behalf of the Haitian ladies that they work with in Pignon.  Each sale goes directly to the artisan that made them and provides about a MONTH’s expenses for the artisan’s family!  Check out for more about this wonderful product and ministry.  Baby Zayla loves them!

The Gilmore’s are headed back to Haiti this month.  For more information on how you can pray for them and support this worthy cause go to their blog here.


You did an amazing job with the photos! I love the way you rallyed all three of my girls in this photo shoot. Thanks for your extra efforts to make Haiti stickers for the vintage suitcases. You are creative!
Blessings on your Russia trip!
The Gilmores


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