What to wear

What to wear depends a lot on the location and vibe of the shoot.  I usually discuss this in your initial phone call or email.


Some things to keep in mind when choosing outfits:



Wear complementing colors that make your eyes “POP”, and complement hair color.  Try to avoid LARGE scale prints, Horizontal stripes, Plaids.  These tend to take over the photo and also make us larger than we would like. Also, “heavier” makeup shows up great in photos, so don’t be afraid to use a little more.


A collared shirt of some kind usually looks “sharp”.  Again choosing complementary or neutral colors that won’t clash with the rest of your families clothing. Depending on your personality, sometimes a “quarky” bow tie or other accessory is fun.


Try to dress your kids in something comfortable, if possible. Think about the backgrounds that we will be shooting in.  Example if we are shooting in a part with lots of greenery, The best photos have a “pop” color like reds, oranges, royal blues.  Or if you want a more natural, neutral photo, stick with whites, denim, greys, softer colors.



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